How To Watch Country-Locked Websites

Some countries can be very strict with their cyber security because they don’t trust outsider guests that can carry viruses on their website or even hack them that easily. That is why they use a firewall to make it country-locked. It means that if your connection is outside the country, you won’t be able to access their website.

Since some of the online streaming movie websites are locked in this way, you need to have some tricks to use to be able to access them. But, if you don’t want to set up your device for this, you can watch movies online on common websites.

How To Unlock

  • Changing the VPN – this can be a very easy method to be able to access the websites locked for a specific country because there are hundreds of applications that you can use to be able to get the VPN of other countries. The good thing is that they are all free for you to use and easy to download. Of course, you still need to consider reading the reviews about it, first.
  • Does incognito work – unfortunately, incognito tabs will not work because it is the network they are checking, not the tab itself. Incognito is only for the privacy and clear data so that your searches wouldn’t be influenced by your previous searches.
  • Go to the country itself – this is your last option if you can’t do anything about your network. Of course, this is expensive since you need to consider your travel fare and even the accommodation where you are going to stay. In my opinion, this is not advisable, unless you are really going there for a business.

That is why if you want to watch in a less hassle way, just look for websites that are not locked for a specific country.