Australian Mist

Felis catus

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The Australian Mist (or spotted Australian mist) was bred in Australia in the 1700s to produce a short-haired cat with a spotted coat.

Australian Mist Scientific Classification

Scientific Name
Felis catus

Australian Mist Conservation Status

Australian Mist Locations

Australian Mist Locations

Australian Mist Facts

Fun Fact
The Australian Mist (or spotted Australian mist) was bred in Australia in the 1700s to produce a short-haired cat with a spotted coat.
Other Name(s)
Spotted Mist
Affectionate, gentle and trustworthy
Average Litter Size
Common Name
Australian Mist
First bred in the 1700s!

Australian Mist Physical Characteristics

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Chocolate
  • Lilac
  • Caramel
  • Peach
Skin Type
15-18 years
8 to 15 pounds

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The Australian Mist cats are medium in size and have short hair. They were developed in Australia in the 1970s and are a hybrid between Burmese, Abyssinian, and Moggy cats.

Their heads are round, complemented by their large and expressive green eyes. They are medium-boned and have friendly faces. Their coats usually have backgrounds that give them a misty look – hence, the name. These cats are known to exist in seven colors which include – brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold, and peach.

Australian Mist Traits: What to Know Before You Buy

Before you buy an Australian Mist, it is important to understand a few things about this animal. With this knowledge, creating the right conditions for one of them to live in your home will become much easier.

It is important to note that these cats are known for their exceptional temperament. They are very tolerant and are not inclined to scratch. While these cats are lively as kittens, they tend to mellow out as they get older. Due to these qualities, the breed is an excellent companion as an indoor pet.

These cats are known to be quite healthy, and there are no consistent conditions that are specific to the breed. The only health issues that may arise are the typical problems that cats face, like renal failure, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes.

Australian Mist Personality

These cats have a calm and loving personality. They are attention-loving and always enjoy attention from their owners. They are not haphazard, allowing them to be rather patient with younger and older members of the family. They constantly fixate on the people around them, preferring to stay near their home where they can be loved by their families. Their social personality makes them incredibly welcoming to visitors in their home, playing and interacting with anyone who will spend time petting them.

Australian Mist Size and Weight

These cats are medium in size, weighing 8 to 15 pounds. They usually stand at a height of about 7 to 9 inches. While there is not much of a difference between the two, female cats are generally known to be slightly smaller than their male counterparts.

Burmese, Abyssinian, and Moggy cats are more or less the same size as that of an Australian Mist. While the Burmese and Abyssinian cats are just slightly bigger than the Australian Mist cats, Moggy cats are known to be of medium size just like these cats.

Australian Mist, a short-haired cat developed in Australia, sitting on the couch.

Australian Mist Price

You will be able to find a kitten for between $800 to $1200, but there are many factors that can cause the price to fluctuate from breeder to breeder. Neutered males typically start at $390, while a kitten that is fully vaccinated will cost about $390 and up.

The price range could also vary between the spotted as well as marbled Australian Mist cats. Annual grooming, maintenance, and feeding costs vary to add to the overall cost. If you adopted one, you should expect to add another $1,000 to your yearly budget to keep their coats detangled and healthy.

Buying directly from the breeders will add to the cost substantially. Seek out local breeders in your area to find the current animals that are available for adoption. Some breeders will not publish their official prices unless they have a litter ready to adopt, but their advertisement online will offer contact information to learn more.

On occasion, these cats may be found in rescue shelters, but availability depends on the particular facility.

Australian Mist Kittens

While most of the adult traits are easily seen in the kittens, the kittens are known to be very lively and energetic. However, as they mature, the trait is not as prominent, allowing them to become quieter and more patient.
When they are full-grown, they weigh about 8 to 15 pounds and are about 7 to 9 inches in size. These kittens are known to attain puberty in five months. These cats are great family pets and are known to be great and very playful around children.

Two playful Australian Mist kittens sitting on a yellow background.

Australian Mist Lifespan

The standard lifespan of these cats is about 15 to 18 years. As they age, they become prone to health problems like renal issues, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism. While they can still develop these health problems at a young age, these cats are known to be relatively healthy as compared to other cats.

Despite their life expectancy is 15 to 18 years, the cats may live more than 20 years if they thrive in the right conditions and are taken care of properly.

Australian Mist Breed vs. Mixed

The breed is characterized as being calm and composed. These hybrid cats are known to be very patient. They come in seven colors including brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold, and peach. These cats are affectionate and hone-bound but that could sometimes vary depending on the inheritance in case of a mix.

While they are roughly the same size as the cats that are bred for their development, you might notice differences in the coat length and hair color. Also, you could spot a mix with a differentiated pattern like a spotted or marbled coat.
Also, there are health issues that could be a strong deciding pattern in the case of a mix. These cats are usually healthy but can sometimes inherit the qualities of their three parents which could come with some inherited health issues as well.

Types of Australian Mist Cats and Colors

The hybrid cats come in seven colors including brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold, and peach.

Brown Australian Mist

Brown Australian Mist cats are beautiful and present with distinguishable brown patterns on the fur. The patterns could vary from rings to lines to waves.

Blue Australian Mist

Brown Australian Mist cats are not exactly blue. They tend to be greyish blue in color and are lean, they could usually be distinguished as having a spotted coat.

Chocolate Australian Mist

Chocolate Australian Mist cats are very similar to the brown ones and could have grey as their base color. The base coast is complemented by beautiful chocolate-colored designs.

Lilac Australian Mist

Lilac Australian Mist cats are very light-colored and look misty from a distance as well. This color gives the cats a very elegant look.

Caramel Australian Mist

A toned-down mixture of brown and gold, Caramel Australian Mist cats look delightful with very light-colored patterns on their body.

Gold Australian Mist

Gold Australian Mist cats have beautiful golden-colored coats that make them look beautiful and gives their fur a glossy look.

Peach Australian Mist

The Peach Australian Mist has a light-colored coat. It might look like a mix of golden and pink, making it very pretty to look at.

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Australian Mist FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are Australian Mists herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

Australian Mists are Omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and other animals.

What Kingdom do Australian Mists belong to?

Australian Mists belong to the Kingdom Animalia.

What class do Australian Mists belong to?

Australian Mists belong to the class Mammalia.

What phylum to Australian Mists belong to?

Australian Mists belong to the phylum Chordata.

What family do Australian Mists belong to?

Australian Mists belong to the family Felidae.

What order do Australian Mists belong to?

Australian Mists belong to the order Carnivora.

What genus do Australian Mists belong to?

Australian Mists belong to the genus Felis.

What type of covering do Australian Mists have?

Australian Mists are covered in hair.

How many babies do Australian Mists have?

The average number of babies an Australian Mist has is 4.

What is an interesting fact about Australian Mists?

Australian Mists were first bred in the 1700s!

What is the scientific name for the Australian Mist?

The scientific name for the Australian Mist is Felis catus.

What are Australian Mist cat characteristics?

These cats are patient and home-bound. They love attention from their owners and also like to socialize sometimes. As kittens, they are very energetic and lively.

What is an Australian Mist cat?

These cats are hybrid cats that were developed in Australia in the 1970s with the help of Burmese, Abyssinian, and Moggy cats.

Where can I get an Australian Mist cat?

You could either adopt them from a rescue shelter, buy them from a pet store or buy them directly from breeders.

How much does an Australian Mist cat cost?

On average standard, they might cost around $800 to $1,200.

How long do Australian Mist cats live?

The lifespan is about 15 to 18 years. Though some of the general health problems of cats can be worrisome, there are some Australian mist cats that live for more than 20 years as well.

Are Australian Mist cats hypoallergenic?

No, the Australian Mist cats are not hypoallergenic.

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