The Popularity of Streaming Online Movies

Watching movies is one of the most common ways of people to get entertained. As a matter of fact this habit has been considered as an effective stress reliever for others. It is because movies come in various kinds coming from different genres. If someone wants to laugh, there are comedy movies. If someone wants to feel in love, there are romantic movies. If someone wants to get thrilled or horrified, there are horror movies. If you are more curious about gostream then you can learn more about it on gomoviesofficial.

Movies, from the moment they are made are meant to be shown exclusively in cinemas. However, as the time goes by, the advancement of technology arises. This had made movies to be copied in recorded VHS tapes. But, it never stops there. The movie producers have aimed to improve the quality of their movies they present in homes that is why they had transformed movies in VHS to VCDs and DVDs. But now that we have our fast internet connection, movies recorded in these things have slowly faded their popularity as the movies are now being uploaded in the internet. Soon a lot of movie streaming sites have been made such as Gostream. Through this, people can watch movies online.

Here are some statistics that show how popular streaming movies are:

  • In the United States, there is approximately 180 million people who watch videos online. The figure shown are said to be in monthly basis.
  • 85% of the internet users in the whole American population spend their internet surfing through watching movies online.
  • An average video watcher is estimated to have watched 200 videos a month. The individual is said to consume 13 hours overall.
  • 8% of television viewers or tele viewers tend to watch their favorite shows and dramas online. Perhaps the reason behind this is whenever they were not able to watch these shows in real-time TV broadcast, they just search the episodes they had missed in the internet.
  • 57 % of the online watchers believe that watching movies and shows online is more convenient.